Why Portugal

Abana Ltd a United Kingdom company incorporated in 2011. We invest in medium to large regulated companies in the EU.

Our partners provide face to face advice and specialise in meeting the financial needs of people or companies who have created more capital or who earn higher incomes than average, and whose circumstances are therefore more complicated than usual. Clients want a trusted adviser to understand and explain the relevant issues and propose appropriate action.

The strength of our relationship and level of satisfaction among clients and partners may be judged by the fact that all new clients are onboarded as a result of word of mouth recommendations from existing clients, lawyers, accountants and financial institutions.

As we move forward we continue to work hard to introduce new technology and intelligent ways to provide greater opportunities for all our clients and partners. New ideas, technology and a low-cost environment attract partners, and partners generate volume which in turn reduces the costs of business, providing a mutual benefit to the client and the service or product provider.

Why Portugal? There are tremendous tax benefits for companies established in Portugal and for individuals wishing to take up residency.

For further information on the benefits of operating from Portugal http://www.portugalglobal.pt/