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Domicile determination

Many British expatriates become non-UK tax residents but still retain their UK domicile. Unfortunately, on death they may still be liable for UK inheritance tax and possibly local death or succession taxes.

To help you determine your domicile, contact us now. We will outline what you may need to do to strengthen a claim to be non-domiciled, and present the tax planning opportunities that arise from it.

Tax residency

Most expatriates will return to their mother country at some point, either through ill health or on the death of a spouse or a partner. Unfortunately, many do not seek tax and financial advice until they have returned to the mother country.However, by planning before repatriating, you may be able to structure your assets in a tax efficient manner.

HM Revenue & Customs can still make a case for you to be UK resident even if you do not spend more than 90 days in the UK. A tax investigation can be expensive as well as stressful.

Company formation
Whether setting up as a sole-trader, partnership or company it is important to have the appropriate advice and support from the outset. We can help with:

Advising on the most effective structure for the business.
Setting up the accounting records.
Submission of initial statutory forms and returns.
Company incorporations.

Most expatriates’ first experience of Portuguese or Spanish law is buying and selling property. Apart from being a different language, the legal system is dictated by the Napoleonic Code and very different to the UK legal system.

Therefore, we refer clients to a firm who has experience in a number of global business and financial centres and regularly advises on cross border transactions and a wide range of corporate, commercial and financing matters for Portuguese and international clients. The Firm provides a full range of legal services with particular strengths in Banking and Finance; Project Finance (PPP/PFI); Capital Markets; Corporate and Commercial Law; Energy; Telecommunications; Tax; Real Estate and Commercial Dispute Resolution; Wills and Probate.

The firm’s lawyers are qualified in both common and civil law jurisdictions. The firm delivers a full range of corporate and business services to international and national clients.

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