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In an era of exploding media choices and heightened expectations for timeliness and relevancy, customers are increasingly assuming control of their relationships with their financial services provider.

This phenomenon is rewriting the rules for how financial services marketeers engage with customers, creating both challenges and opportunities for forward thinking organizations. Banks, brokerages and insurers are looking for an automated financial services marketing solutions to provide personalised customer communications.

They are looking for a marketing platform that will improve efficiency and create a positive customer experience. By consolidating data from multiple sources including CRM databases, card management systems, cash management, and brokerage platforms and by utilising call center, web and mobile channels, Abana can create a rich understanding of each customer’s needs and preferences.

Abana marketing solution empowers organisations with the ability to create personalised, relevant communications that directly impact retention, growth, satisfaction and profitability.

Abana helps you capitalise on untapped marketing opportunities that exist.

Our cross-channel marketing platform, combined with our deep financial services expertise, make Abana the ideal financial services marketing solution for maximising revenue. If you’re looking specifically for a financial services marketing solution, look no further. We have the experience and technology to help you efficiently implement highly effective marketing programs.