Trusts have been around in Britain since the Middle Ages. Today, the benefits of creating a trust are recognised throughout the world, especially in countries that have a legal system based on common law principles. With the correct structure, a trust can assist in preserving family wealth, and help reduce families’ exposure to inheritance tax.

Trustee services
In addition to setting an investment objective for a trust and handling tax and administrative responsibilities, a trustee will be called upon to make decisions requiring prudent judgment. Thus, the choice of a trustee can have a major impact on the implementation of a wealth transfer plan.

Benefits of a corporate trustee
When assets are substantial, wealth transfer can be complex. A well-chosen corporate trustee should have the expertise, experience and resources needed to handle these complexities. And if a trust is going to endure for decades, a corporate trustee will be able to provide continuity that an individual trustee simply cannot.

A trust can help remove, the time, cost and inconvenience associated with obtaining probate.

A Will is the legal document that allows you to distribute your property to those you choose.A Will also gives parents of minor children the chance to nominate a guardian. Appointing a guardian for minor children is often overlooked parents.

Trust disputes
Our professionals are sensitive to family dynamics and the responsiblity of wealth stewardship

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