Family Office

Providing wealthy families with comprehensive and personalised services. Our family advisory services are composed of complementary services adapted to a family’s expectations and objectives. This allows us to orchestrate all asset components over the long term and to have at any one time a consolidated overview of the entire asset base.

Providing solutions for all family issues however complex they might be. By monitoring the development of the family’s asset strategy, it ensures that the overall strategy is coherent over the long term in partnership with its usual advisers, fund managers, banks, trustees and private bancassurance.

Wealth Management

We recognise that no single investment house has a monopoly on investment expertise and therefore adopts an effective solution to this problem. We do not employ any in-house investment managers, instead we carefully select on behalf of clients a number of external managers of outstanding ability.

Select some of the best investment managers
Monitor those managers to ensure they remain focused
Change managers if this becomes necessary
Give clients diversification of risk by selecting managers with different investment styles

Whilst we cannot guarantee future investment performance, we offer what we believe is a superior investment process likely to maximise your chance of aiming to achieve a better return over the medium to long-term.


Abana can recommend a range of retirement plans to help provide for your retirement, no matter what stage of planning you are at.

You must have flexibility in all aspects of your planning as your needs will change as your future earnings and career evolve.

Delivering bespoke advice together with flexibility, we offer a service that is personal to you. As a result, planning your retirement with Abana puts you in control. So you can be confident about your future pension.

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